Nashik Sindhi Social Group, Nashik

Nashik Sindhi Social Group (NSSG) has been established under the guidance of the honorable Pt. Sunil S. Sharma in which people apart by Nashik City & Youth were joined.

Pt, Sunil S. Sharma irrespective of religion or any supection has been voluntarily serving the society for past 35 years. Sir is active in the fields of Sports and social religious activities.  His intellect has influnced many young lifes as well as Business Personal. He has done great contribution in the field of chess. He is good chess coach too.

NSSG organised more than `50 Chess Tournament in district, state, national and international level. He has established Chess school under his guidence where he is guiding, coaching students in the field of Chess.

He has studed different kinds of religious and he is influnced by the thoughts of Swami Vivekanand. He strongly belives serving uman is serving to God. He is far away from superstitious


Objective of Nashik Sindhi Social Group

  1. To pramote Sindhi language, literature, Art in Sindhi People
  2. To Develope thinking of sindhi yough. To give them proper stage for them, Hence he has opened under Nashik Sindhi Group - Yuvamunch
  3. Every Sunday Sanskar Varg is conducted by the group of which childern's are thought about their culture, religion etc
  4. Matrimonial Functions are arranged by the group
  5. Sindhi's who have contributed in various fields such as Social, Sports, Litraature, politics, Education are Filiciated by the award by Group
  6. To Develope Awarnewss about sindhi culture grup has arranged several cultural programs too.